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Wax Workshop - Organic Cabochon Claw Statement Ring - Melbourne (3105, VIC)

Wax Workshop - Organic Cabochon Claw Statement Ring - Melbourne (3105, VIC)

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Welcome to my exclusive freestyle wax workshop which focuses on the creation of an Organic Cabochon Claw Statement Ring, held in my studio in the leafy Eastern suburbs of Melbourne (3105, VIC).

This class caters to intermediate - advanced statement ring enthusiasts and offers an immersive experience into the world of intricate wax handling, organic ring crafting and fundamentals of stone setting in metal. Stone setting experience is beneficial but not a must-have. Your arm strength and stability will be your greatest assets in this class, however Madame Mak can take over the setting if needed! 

This class is arranged privately (for a Monday - Friday), but can occasionally be hosted on weekends where possible if there aren't any other class bookings. Reach out to discuss a day and time! 

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Much Love,  



This intensive workshop requires prior wax handling experience. You must have completed my beginner's introductory course or attended a similar one elsewhere (age 18+ to enrol).

Course Details

This class is designed to guide you through creating an organic statement-style wax ring to house a cabochon gemstone, with a unique and fun organic claw setting. All gemstones are semi-precious, oval, or round, and are sourced by me once your booking has been made. Must be 18+ to enrol in this class. This workshop is usually 1:1, however occasionally there may be student overlap.

Schedule & Structure

Class 1: Wax Ring Creation - starts at 10 am, lasts approximately 5.5 hours. Includes light lunch, snacks, and refreshments.
Class 2: Casting Cleaning/Polishing and Stone Setting - starts at 10 am, lasts approximately 4.5 hours. Includes light lunch, snacks, and refreshments.
This class can be arranged for a weekday (Monday - Friday), or occasionally on the weekends (if my other fixed-date classes have not been booked already).

Tools List

The course provides you with access to fully equipped professional jeweller's benches, complete with basic, heated, premium, and power tools. You are welcome to bring some of your own tools, although please be sure to label them adequately to avoid mix ups! You are also invited to BYO flat back cabochon stones, to be assessed for suitability by Madame Mak. BYO stones at your own risk!

Fees & Payment

The full course fee of $900 is due upfront at the time of booking.

Please note, the course fee does not include the metal or casting fees. You'll receive an estimate of these at the end of the first class when your wax model is weighed. The final material amount is payable via direct bank transfer before the second class. Refunds can not be issued for gemstone breakages during setting, but replacement cabochons will be available for purchase if you have chosen to use a stone provided by the studio. BYO stones are handled at your own risk.

The total estimated cost of this style ring ranges between $60 - $85+

Studio Policies & Safety

Your safety is of paramount importance. Please adhere to all safety procedures: closed-toe shoes, long hair tied up, no loose clothing or scarves. Clean safety glasses and new disposable masks will be provided. If you're unwell, please reschedule your class. Full terms and conditions for workshops can be found on our website. Studio policies are sent via email after a class has been purchased. Please review these policies prior to attending class.

After Course Completion

Upon completion, you'll receive informational packs (in PDF format) detailing step-by-step guides on finishing/polishing and stone fitting/setting, a list of tools used, and access to one-time supplier discounts. You'll also get details on setting up an account with the casting company.

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