🌟 Reviews from MMJ's Workshop Students and Jewellery Lovers

  • Image of Amy G from Fearless and Free 925, expressing satisfaction in her testimonial for Dahna's Jewellery workshop.

    Best teacher there is! Not to mention the detailed PDF’s that arrive after the course

    "The best decision I made was reaching out to Madame Mak Jewellery. This talented boss babe is a wealth of knowledge and support. Her courses are second to none! What started out as a beginner’s class turned into completing all available courses. Dahna is truly one of a kind and has absolutely become a most valued friend and confidante. Not only has Dahna been there for me professionally and helped build my little jewellery business – she has always been there for me as a friend."

    -Amy G, "Fearless and Free 925"

  • A portrait of Kerry D from Wildsmithing, alongside her positive testimonial for Dahna's Jewellery Workshop

    I love to continue learning and have taken quite a few courses over the years

    "I can’t thank you enough for the class yesterday and suffice to say I have been at the bench practicing ever since. I went and got a little soldering iron as soon as we finished up yesterday – wow what a game-changer for me! Totally blown away by the manual content – so comprehensive and full of all the info you could ever wish for. So happy to have found and met you. I can see a beautiful smithing/waxing/all things jewellery friendship on the horizon. Thanks so much, darling!"

    -Kerryn D, "Wildsmithing"

  • Dahna's wax ring making jewellery course was the best thing I’ve ever done!

    "I took on the Introductory Lost Wax Ring Carving Workshop. Dahna took me step-by-step thoroughly through absolutely everything that involved getting the ring to its final stage. From the different kinds of wax, how to saw and carve to all the types of equipment necessary to use on wax. Everything was clear and easy to understand, and Dahna is wonderful. She’s so down to earth, hilarious, and makes the best food!!!! And so clever. She’s got tips and tricks you’ll use for a lifetime."

    -Claire M

  • Marina – “Marina Saker Jewelry"

    "Thank you so much. I really enjoyed my class with you and found your instructions easy to understand and didn’t feel rushed at all which was appreciated as I could concentrate on my ring at the same time. The tool information document you sent through prior to the class was super helpful so I could get all the tools I needed ready and be prepared for class. Thank you for the step-by-step instructions you sent through – it will be a big help! You can tell that a lot of time and effort has gone into your classes with all the information provided before and after class, which is much appreciated and feels very professional. Thanks again and I look forward to another class in future!"

  • Cameron – “Loves Rings”

    "Madame Mak, thanks so much for allowing me into your creative world. I am so grateful to have learnt more and how to use my tools! And calling them special textures – that is so kind, and I really appreciate it. You’re a special human!"

  • Katie K

    "You are so sweet. Thank you for having me. I am ever so grateful to have found you, and for your generosity. You have such a wonderful gift and truly, you are such an amazing person. Because of you, I get to play with wax and maybe (just maybe) get to start my own business too, and maybe even have a friend. You are incredible. I bet a lot of people tell you that but whatever – it doesn’t hurt to hear it from another person. I think you are so brave, so please keep going and keep doing what you’re doing because the world needs you. Not more of you, but just YOU!"

  • Ebony F

    "Tonight, I did a zoom class with Dahna. It was very informative. I learnt so much about polishing. I’ve got a little way to go and need to keep practicing, but she has given me all the tips and tricks to help me along the way. Highly recommend booking in with her, whatever stage you are at."

  • Bec – “Earthern Gems”

    "Thanks so much for all this info, Dahna. I’m so grateful. I feel more confident with all your help and support.”. You’re the best! I had so much fun doing your classes, and so incredibly helpful with all my painful questions along the way. I look forward to my next visit. Love you lots!"

  • Leah A

    "Dear Dahna, thank you so much for the class yesterday. You are so wonderful, and the classes are such a pleasure and mood booster."

  • Sarah B – “This Design Co”

    "Big thanks to Dahna for the generosity and the skills.'

  • Scarlet K

    "Go to Madame Mak’s jewellery course and make cool jewellery and eat yum food!"

  • Teshayla – "By Teshayla"

    "Thank you so much for having me. It was so much fun. Can’t wait to do it again soon!"

  • Isabelle B

    'Attended class today and can vouch for how awesome a teacher Dahna is! Totally addicted and can’t wait to keep practicing now!"

  • Sarah Jane – “Golden Delicious Vintage"

    "Just had the best day. Madame Mak you are a legend!"

  • Cheryl – “Gemini Jewellery By Cheryl"

    "Madame Mak Jewellery taught me how to make this ring. She is so talented!"

  • Cath – “By Cath”

    "Had the best time with Madame Mak jewellery. I learnt a few ways to set stones intowax for casting. Can’t wait to experiment more! Highly recommend Dahna forclasses! She’s so clear and patient, just like chatting with a friend."

  • Faith – “Yara Sophia”

    "Took a nearly 4hr wax carving class today. Madame Mak Jewellery – she is amazing!"

  • Pippa – “Coastal Style Australia

    "No wonder I loved your class so much Dahna. You are brilliant at this!"

  • Mel – “Tinker Mel Creations"

    "Thanks for today’s class. It was amazing. I highly recommend it y’all!"

  • Jenna W

    "Your class was amazing! You are such a Queen. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I am so energized now to start creating!"

  • Photo of a delighted client, with her testimonial

    Christine M

    "Dahna is a one-of-a-kind, fabulous person/artist to work with! There’s a reason I have over 5 pieces from her collection. I feel like I’ve even gained a friend in the process. Dahna is so sweet and thoughtful and really has raw talent. Hands down THE BEST xx”

  • Photo of a delighted client, with her testimonial

    Olivia A

    “I just absolutely love and adore my pendant. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. It will be around my neck every single day!”

  • Photo of a delighted client, with her testimonial

    Katie K

    "The main pieces – I can’t say enough about how breathtaking they are! They literally blew my mind and I feel so lucky that you make them for me, and I get to have something that is MMJ! The entire process of making the pieces too, and the wonderful conversations!”

  • Sophie C

    "Hello gorgeous girl! What can I say except WOW WOW WOW! The ring is amazing. Your work and care are second to none. Just love love love! Did I say I absolutely LOVE my unique creations? Thank you so very much. I feel so blessed. They are honestly the best pieces I have, and potentially the best I’ll ever have. They are incredible – the way they fit together like a puzzle, plus the garnets are to die for. Amazing, unique, and powerful. A thousand thanks are not enough. You are a true star and a brilliant person. I am the one that’s blessed!"

  • Laura C

    "Dahna, I’ve just opened my latest package from you, and I am so blown away by the earrings you made me. They looked gorgeous in photos and video but to see and wear them is next level amazing. They are just so lovely and comfortable. I cannot thank you enough for making them. They give off organic plant vibes and I love it. You worked your magic on those stones and it was the highlight of my week opening that parcel!"

  • Steph N

    "First of all, the emotions! Surprise, awe, gratitude, amazement! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – your work is true art! The ring is more beautiful than the pictures could show. The big blue/purple sapphire, and the smaller ones with their flash of turquoise. The size, the band, the little sparkle carvings – I am in love! And one of the things I am often surprised by is the weight of your jewellery – they look intricate and delicate, but they feel heavy and important and generous. Divine. This is never coming off!"

  • Julie K

    "Can’t say enough about my new Madame Mak jewellery. These two silver pieces are not only beautiful, but they have that great feel. I’m talking about the weight of something made well. If you have not checked Dahna out, please do! Her designs are so whimsical and creative and she’s an absolute dream to deal with – keeping me updated at every turn of the transaction. And she just finished some new pieces so head over and check it out!"

  • Steph N

    "It’s like a little floating star to go with the constellation on my ring. Magic! Fate! It’s just perfect and I cannot thank you enough for your generosity and your thoughtfulness and the heart you put into your creations and share with your collectors. Let’s be honest – at this point I’m creating an identity, not just wearing these pieces. Thank you so many times over and over Dahna!"

  • Lisa H

    "I had to do a little unboxing tribute when I received my package from the incomparable Madame Mak today. I am so in love with my gorgeous unicorn necklace and am thrilled that it’s even more beautiful in person. It can’t get much better than adding a new treasure to my new collection when it’s handmade by such a fabulous gal!"

  • Shannon B

    "Your packaging, attention to detail, the extras and just everything about how you’ve done these up are just beyond expectations. These are complete works of art and I expect to see them in a couture shop before too long. I’ll say “haha fuckers, I got mine wayyyyy before you!"

  • Aricia P

    "Dear Miss Mak. Thank you so much for the paper clip! It’s fabulous and I love it dearly. I just opened it and decided to wear it on my shirt! You have made my day – I got home to my parents’ home and literally ripped the package open!"

  • Shell

    "Holy! I just received my paper clip Dahna and absafrigginlutely love it! Thank you! I will try and take a pic and do it the total justice it deserves. You are a true gem! It’s more beautiful and bigger than I imagined."

  • Jason

    "Check out my frog king ring baby! Ugh, so tight! Thank you so much Dahna! I will wear it proudly every day! My new best buddy. Cannot say thanks enough. You did such a lovely job carving, and the finish is remarkable!"

  • Kate D

    "Hey D. I just wanna say I love my necklace! I haven’t taken it off! Everyone always asks me about it! I tell them some super mad bitch with amazing wax carving skills whipped it up with my stone choice! She’s a slay queen!"

  • Jessica & Jesse

    "We are blessed beyond measure, and we adore our rings! The sentiment is truly special, and the set reminds me of so many lovely things. We love you and are so grateful for your work!'

  • Cath

    "In love with my new croissant ring from Madame Mak Jewellery. I’m never taking it off! Made by my lovely friend Dahna."

  • Bec

    "Had a visit from the amazing Madame Mak today and I’m so totally in love with this turquoise ring. How insane is it? I had to steal her!"

  • Julie

    "So excited I opened it in my car. Delicious! I bought two and I love them!"

  • Kachiri

    "Obsessed! Support handmade artists always! Thanks again Madame Mak!"

  • Teshayla

    "My amazing Kermit ring from Madame Mak Jewellery arrived and I am obsessed! Look at his buttcrack!”.

  • Sapna G

    "Look at him! He made it to my finger! Oh my goodness, he fits perfectly! Thank you so much. I am in love!"

  • Kate W

    "I luvvvvv my new Kermit ring! Love my custom-made ring. Support local business!"

  • Suzi & Caleb.

    "Viz absolutely loves the ring! She is so happy! Thank you!"

  • Bec

    "I just purchased this gorgeous pendant from the amazing Madame Mak Jewellery. I’m so in love. It’s perfection!"

  • Lisa D

    "Hello Dahna. Letting you know that I just picked up Kermie. He’s beautiful and fits perfectly with some room for summer fingers. Thank you so much – I love him!"

  • Julie

    "I love this ring and wear her all the time! Thank you for making such wonderful jewellery!"

  • Christine

    "Collector is fitting for this third piece! LOL I can’t help it. I just love your designs and I love supporting fellow artists!"

  • Tracey N

    "Dear Darling Dahna. Thank you for my pendant and chain. So lovely of you to include the chain and little gifts. The ring sizer is fabulous and will get a lot of use. You are one clever chicky babe!"

  • Denise

    "She’s an absolute wonder in the flesh Dahna! So glad she’s mine and so thankful for your talent and friendship sweet lady."

  • Cassie M

    "I can tell you right now when it arrived Jess was so excited, she had me drive over to see it!"

  • Kathy L.

    "Outcome – overjoyed!"

  • Lyndsey U.

    "I wear my rings everywhere. They are stunning!"

  • KB

    "I love it so much! Thank you, angel!"

  • Jessica C

    "I hope you understand how very much I adore this amulet. Thank you! I cannot say it enough."

  • Kathy & Venetia

    "Stunning! We love it!"

  • Deanne U

    "You did an amazing job! My daughter wears them every day and absolutely loves them. Thank you so much!"

  • Christine

    "Love love LOVE it! I get so many compliments when I wear it!"

  • DW

    "Aaaaghhh stunning! Fits beautifully. Everything, just everything is gorgeous!"

  • Diella S

    "Look what I got! I love it! It’s perfect and I’ll have to make a proper post about it! Thank you thank you thank you!"

  • Imogen B.

    "It came! I’m absolutely in love. Thank you so much!"

  • Alyssa M

    "I love my little frog. Thank you! He is perfect!"