Terms and conditions (provision of educational goods and provision of in-studio and zoom online tutoring services)

Important Policies You Need To Know


​1. All classes are strictly hosted in English.

​2. All studio-based course fees do not include the fees for manufacturing (the casting fee and the metal).These fees are charged separately, in addition to the course fee (after the castings have been returned to the studio for the final class). More on that below!

3. All classes are paid for in advance of class through the website (for available classes), or on request via invoice. Balance payments for in-studio classes are due one week before class, and are payable in full. Students attending an in-person class will be sent relevant information and a payment link to complete their payment via email. Madame Mak will also send a text to advise you that an email has been sent (gmail almost always sends me to your junk box - so sad!).

4. Madame Mak has the right to contact you via multiple methods (email, phone, instagram) to complete your bookings and finalise class payments. Madame Mak adheres to the privacy policies as required and governed by local and international law. Your personal information will not be shared with others or any third parties.

5. Students who have not paid their full balance for an in-studio class will not be permitted to attend class until the balance is paid. Students are kindly asked to settle their balance at their earliest convenience on receipt of their final payment email.

6. Classes are strictly not refundable after classes have been attended.

7. All in-studio classes are booked in the first instance through the relevant website class listing, and your spot is secured via a nominated deposit amount (specified in the website listing). After selecting the date from the dropdown menu, students may proceed to the checkout and complete their payment through PayPal or Stripe. Please ensure you select "class only - no shipping" from the dropdown box at the checkout (Madame Mak will refund you $15 AUD if you accidentally pay for shipping!).

8. All zoom live online classes are purchased through the relevant website listing and are payable in full at the time of checkout. Payment can be made through PayPal or Stripe. After payment is made, an instantly downloadable PDF will be sent to your email. This link is valid for 30 days and contains an itemised list of tools and major suppliers, locally and internationally in major cities. The tools listed are the tools specifically required to actively participate in the class. A booking can be made by emailing dahnamak@gmail.com once students have sourced all necessary tools. Bookings can be changed as required (life happens!), and changing your booking date will not incur any additional charges! Please give a minimum of 3 days to change your booking (except for unplanned emergencies, of course!).

9. All "bespoke" or "specifically tailored" classes through zoom or in-person are arranged and quoted privately, separate to the regular website operations. Students are required to provide specific information on their skill level, and a detailed description of what they're hoping to achieve with images of their design/photos etc. Madame Mak strictly only uses your information to assess suitability and to devise the best plan for creating and tailoring your bespoke class, where practical. Under no circumstance does Madame Mak replicate, reuse, sell or share your design briefs, notes or supplied information. All electronic files and design briefs are deleted once the class has been completed, however Madame Mak may ask for your permission to photograph your work if you are attending any bespoke in-studio classes. Any work created through zoom will not be reposted on social media by Madame Mak, unless the student requests and authorises it. Occasionally the zoom classes and studio classes may need to be divided across multiple classes (for the wax carving). Please contact Madame Mak directly at dahnamak@gmail.com to initiate the process. The class is very structured according to the students needs, and students will be sent a specific tools list for them to source tools in advance of making their booking. Students are invoiced and payments are made in full, in advance of class by direct bank transfer for local (Australian) students, and by PayPal (invoice) for international students. This service encompasses live zoom tuition, and in-studio classes! Please don't be offended if Madame Mak is unable to assist you - occasionally the lost wax method is not the best method for achieving your design and you will be advised truthfully! (your request also has to fall within Madame Mak's current skill set - she doesn't know how to do everything!).

10. Students acknowledge and accept that there may be a decent lapse of time between the initial payment of their deposit (or full payment) and their actual date of class. Classes are strictly paid for in advance, or on request. For example, a zoom class may be paid for in full before the student starts sourcing the tools, and the tools may take one month to arrive. If you are at all concerned about your funds being held by Madame Mak for long periods of time, please source your tools before booking your class - this way you can pay for the class much closer to your booking date. Madame Mak is unable to refund your payment due to any such delays between your payment and your tool arrivals or booking date. This is the general nature of business with service-based providers.

11. Madame Mak reserves the right to admit multiple students into one class where necessary, without your prior permission or consent. The zoom classes are 1:1 however on very rare occasions they may need to be condensed eg. if 3 students sign up to the same topic and all want to book within the same week! Students will not be refunded in part or in full in any such instance.

12. Each course has been assigned an estimated duration which is well paced and relaxed for the required skill level involved with the particular course. Occasionally, things can go wrong with wax carving - especially through zoom classes with beginners, and with more involved bespoke designs. Occasionally classes run overtime due to unforeseen problems and troubleshooting. Students are currently not charged for slightly running overtime, and Madame Mak guides students through the process of rectifying their issue. It is important to note that the classes serve as practice, and trial and error is to be expected. Please do not expect perfection from yourself - skill building takes time! Madame Mak is always happy to advise you after class and assess your wax work if you decide to reattempt carving the same design from scratch after class, based on what you've already learnt in the class/es.

13. Madame Mak hosts a maximum of two students per class within the Melbourne studio. Occasionally, there may be a third student present for eg. a make up or repeat class. Madame Mak reserves the right to admit multiple students into one class, without your prior consent. Any classes for juniors (under 18 years old) are strictly 1:1.


1. Rescheduling does not incur a rescheduling fee. Students are encouraged to reach out at their earliest convenience if they require a date change for their zoom class or their in-studio class. Madame Mak is flexible, however please note some days of the week are strictly unavailable due to fixed in-studio classes. Madame Mak is equally responsible for contacting you if she needs to reschedule your class - usually reserved for emergencies!

2. In the event of a student requesting an in-studio class cancellation, the student will forfeit their deposit as indicated in the specific class listing. The student will be refunded the remaining amount that they have paid to date.

3. In the event of a student requesting a zoom cancellation due to an unforeseen circumstance, the student will be refunded if they wish to not ever reschedule. Students are encouraged to reschedule their class instead wherever possible, if they still hope to attend the class in the future. In the event of a student rescheduling their class, their payment remains with Madame Mak and the class proceeds as usual on the newly agreed date. This greatly reduces admin and handling!

4. In the event of a student no-show for zoom online or for in-studio classes, students are not eligible for a refund. Students will not be refunded for any missed classes or any unexplained non-attendance. Madame Mak will endeavour to reschedule your class with you.

5. In the event of Madame Mak cancelling your class due to an unforeseen circumstance, you will have the option of requesting a full refund or alternatively you will be invited to reschedule your class for a newly agreed date and time, at the earliest convenience.

6. Students are not entitled to partial refunds if they depart class early, or if class naturally finishes earlier than the "estimated" duration. Students are welcome to stay and tinker around until the class finishing time! Students will not be refunded if they miss a class without having made prior arrangements with Madame Mak, and are not eligible for a refund if they don't attend the remainder of their classes. This applies to zoom classes and in-person classes.

7. Zoom students are not eligible for a refund if they discover they haven't got the appropriate tools during the class to continue or complete their work in the class. In most cases, some tools can be substituted if the student already has an elaborate setup, however students will not be refunded in any such instances. Shall this occur, Madame Mak will continue the demonstration on her end live, whilst you watch and ask questions or chat! A rebooking fee will be payable to Madame Mak if the student wishes to source the necessary tools to complete their carving online with Madame Mak at another time - this is charged at the discretion of Madame Mak depending on how much time it requires or which step of the process the student is at for their particular class.

1. All zoom classes entail wax work only and do not involve any raw casting demonstrations, clean-up, metalwork or stone setting. Please read the class listings and descriptions carefully and reach out with any questions before making your booking.

2. All wax creations for in-studio classes are outsourced to a third party for professional casting. Your creations will be hand delivered to the casting facility by Madame Mak. They will also be paid for and collected by Madame Mak before your return to the studio (see number 3 below for information regarding casting and metal fees).

3. Madame Mak is responsible for clearing the casting fees and materials directly with the manufacturer in the first instance, for your work. Students are then required to reimburse Madame Mak for the absolute cost price of their materials (the materials and casting fees are not included in the course fees). Madame Mak will present the invoice to students for the cost price of their materials and casting fees, which is payable once the castings return to the studio (before the final class commences). Madame Mak does not profit off your manufacturing charges or materials - you will be charged the manufacturing price! Payment is to be made through direct bank transfer on request, before the final class commences.

4. For in-studio classes where students produce physical work, students are not entitled to a refund for their metals and materials used to manufacture and construct their ring. It is important to understand that things can go wrong with the casting process (it's usually quite rare!). In the event of a complete loss of your jewellery at manufacturing (eg. a casting blowout or explosion), students will have the option of attending a new class to repeat their wax carving and finish their ring. In this instance, students will not be charged for repeating the course, however they will be responsible for any material and casting fees incurred for having their new creation cast!

5. In the event student work has been cast and paid for by Madame Mak and the student makes a complete disappearance without contact, Madame Mak has the right to destroy your items to reclaim her out-of-pocket costs. Unpaid items (castings) will be held on site for 30 days after the last class, and sent to casting to be scrapped if the student has not made contact or payment.


1. All zoom students are required to source their own tools for their online classes. Tools are not provided or included in the workshop price. Please be aware of the associated setup costs for a wax carving setup prior to booking your zoom class. Madame Mak is happy to discuss tool options with you during your sourcing journey! Each class may require different or additional tools - please check the relevant tool list under each class listing to ensure you'll have the correct tools at hand for your class!

2. All in-studio classes are conducted on fully equipped jewellers benches. Students will have access to a variety of hand tools and power tools to carve and finish their jewellery however, all tools and consumables remain the property of Madame Mak and are not to be removed from the studio. The course fee does not include the provision of any take-home tools, and Madame Mak does not sell tools from her shop.

3. Madame Mak does not offer tools for sale, however students will have access to a variety of discounts with participating Australian suppliers. There's more information on that below!


1. Several local suppliers have kindly offered a discount on tools and equipment for all of my workshop students. You will be provided with this information at class, and my suppliers will require your proof of enrolment in my workshop. Proof is verified through uploading your payment confirmation/receipt to their website portals, and you are bound by their relevant Terms and Conditions - available directly on their websites. Madame Mak will provide you with a letter of attendance to support your applications.

2. Each supplier has very specific terms, time frames and periods for discount access. Madame Mak kindly asks that you participate with honesty and integrity at all times with any associated third party, and respect their terms and conditions.


1. Madame Mak teaches through the experiences and lessons she has gained whilst being at her bench. Courses and workshops provided through zoom or in-studio are not formally recognised or accredited by any relevant jewellery associations or training organisations.

2. Madame Mak teaches to the best of her ability and only teaches what she is absolutely confident, capable and comfortable with. Truth love and honesty over here! Madame Mak will refer you to a more suitable jeweller or training organisation in the event your learning request does not fall within her skills and capability.

3. The knowledge Madame Mak shares with you will position you accordingly to achieve the best outcome for your work.

4. Madame Mak will not be responsible or liable for the outcome of your wax work or castings. All information provided in all classes (zoom and in-studio) is based on Madame Mak's best advice, and it is advice only. Students are encouraged to find a method that works best for them - everybody does things differently! Alternatively, students may enrol in an industry-recognised course to attain formal training and qualification. Madame Mak is backed by two intense years at her bench, and is very well placed to teach her current courses through her trials and tribulations!


1. Students are fully responsible for assessing the safety of their workspace and surroundings, and are fully responsible for taking adequate measures to protect their eyes, face, body and hair from any potential hazards at the bench during class. Students must have access to adequate safety equipment, and must wear safety glasses when operating power tools in class, as well as having long hair tied back in class when operating power tools.

2. Madame Mak will not be legally responsible or liable for any personal injuries that a student acquires during Madame Mak's provision of their zoom class. By signing up to a class, students are fully responsible for their own safety and health at their bench during classes.

3. All students are required to wear safety glasses and have long hair tied back during their zoom classes when the use of a micromotor or other power tools is involved.


1. All written and distributed learning material and instructions are copyrighted and belong to Madame Mak. Students and clients must not copy, circulate or distribute any learning materials which includes but isn't limited to e-books, PDF documents, images contained within or any body of text or written instructions and protocols to other parties.


1. There are several policies that students (and Madame Mak) must comply with when attending and working in the jewellery studio. The three important policies will be emailed to you in the form of PDF documents, one week in advance of your class. It is important to read these documents and reach out with any questions you may have (Occupational Health and Safety, Medical and Emergency Services, Videography and Photography).

2. Students must advise Madame Mak of any allergies, intolerances, sensitivities or dietary restrictions or requests in advance of their in-studio class.

3. Your attendance at the studio implies that you have read the policies, and that you agree and abide to the studio policies contained therein. 


1. Madame Mak is committed to supporting you during and after your classes! You are welcome to contact Madame Mak shall you have any technical questions or require your work to be checked over when you're out on your own!

2. Students will be provided with comprehensive tool lists and guidelines, in the form of PDF documents. These documents are sent to the students email address after the final class, in order for them to have the best chance of continuing on their own! Madame Mak is happy to answer any questions regarding class material or tools or consumables - reach out any time!


1. Madame Mak kindly asks that you do not attend the jewellery studio in Melbourne if you are unwell with a contagious illness. Please reschedule your class when you are fully recovered. You will not be charged a rescheduling fee!


1. Madame Mak strives to meet your learning needs and takes pride in sharing her knowledge and love for the craft. If you are at all dissatisfied with your class/es, please kindly reach out to discuss your concerns with Madame Mak.

2. Madame Mak welcomes your reviews. By sending in a review through email or text/Instagram DM, you acknowledge that Madame Mak may post your review online. Madame Mak will not post your name or your instagram handle if you wish and request to remain private!