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Ignite Your Imagination with Madame Mak's Jewellery Workshops

Dive into the captivating world of jewellery making with Dahna's unique Jewellery Workshops. Whether you're a novice wanting to try your hand at wax ring carving or an experienced artisan looking to refine your skills, Dahna's workshops are tailored to suit your needs.

Learn the intricate art of lost-wax carving, gemstone setting, and organic ring creation from a seasoned expert. Join Dahna in her cozy Melbourne studio or from the comfort of your own home via live 1:1 interactive Zoom classes.

Unleash your creative potential, create unique pieces, and experience the joy of jewellery crafting today!

Step into Dahna's Melbourne Studio: A Haven for Jewellery Crafting Enthusiasts 🎨🔨

Introductory Lost Wax Ring Carving Workshop - Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs, 3105 VIC) Madame Mak Jewellery


🎉 Begin Your Wax Magic: Lost Wax Ring Carving

Embark on your ring-making journey with this introductory workshop, perfect for total beginners! ✨ Create a stunning silver ring or a set of simpler stacking rings. The casting wizards will transform your wax model into silver offsite, and you'll return in two weeks to polish and shine your masterpiece. 💍✨ No experience? No worries! Let the magic begin! 🔮

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Dazzling silver rings featuring various gemstones, set directly in wax using the popular cast-not-set method, display intricate design and craftsmanship


✨ Cast-Not-Set: Gemstone Setting Directly in Wax

Ready to level up? This workshop is for those who've mastered the basics. 💪 Create a dazzling silver ring with gemstones set directly in wax, using the popular cast-not-set method. 🌟💎 Pick up to 5 synthetic round stones in different colours and sizes. The casting magicians will work their magic offsite, and you'll return in two weeks to finish your sparkling creation. ✨

💎 Create Dazzling Gemstone Rings Today!
Wax Workshop - Organic Cabochon Claw Statement Ring - Melbourne (3105, VIC) Madame Mak Jewellery

Intermediate to Advanced

🌿 Organic Wax Techniques: Claw Set Cabochon Ring

Get ready for an intensive 1:1 intermediate/advanced workshop that's perfect for organic and molten cabochon ring enthusiasts. 🌱💍 Create a silver ring in wax, housing a gorgeous cabochon gemstone with an organic claw setting. Come back in two weeks to polish and set the stone in your ring. You'll walk away with a true work of art! 🎨✨

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Lost Wax Pendant and Charm Carving Workshop - Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs, 3105 VIC) Madame Mak Jewellery

Squeaking fun!

Wax Carved Charms and Pendants Workshop

Join me at MMJ HQ (3105, VIC) to carve some charms and pendants in jewellers wax. The possibilities are endless. This is a perfect workshop for complete beginners, or those who already have wax carving experience but wish to expand their skill set and broaden their horizons. Make and finish as many charms as you can in our time together! Guaranteed to make you laugh and squeak!

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1:1 Wax Carving Tuition at MMJ HQ! Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs, 3105 VIC) Madame Mak Jewellery


1:1 Wax Carving Private Tuition at MMJ HQ!

Join me at MMJ HQ for a private 1:1 wax carving tuition session! It's BYO ideas, and we'll take the rest from there. Book 2 hours, or 6 or more and I'll be happy to have you until your heart is content!

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Metal Finishing/Polishing Session (BYO cast ring) - Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs, 3105 VIC) Madame Mak Jewellery

Stuck at polishing? the professional finish is calling!

Metal Finishing/Polishing Masterclass (BYO cast ring)

Have no fear - my metal finishing/polishing masterclass is here! This one is for the rebels who never attended a lost wax carving workshop and embarked on their own self-taught journey. They've got a raw casting in their hand looking dull with sprues and all, and they don't know what to do next to get their ring smooth and shiny to a professional standard finish. Perhaps it's their first ever ring (how exciting), or they require a refresher. Join me in this short-but-informative tell-all masterclass!

Help Me Polish My Silver and Gold!

🌐✨ Live Zoom Classes: Unleash Your Creativity from Anywhere In The World!

Can't make it to our Melbourne Studio? No worries! 😄 Jump into one of Dahna's live Zoom classes from the comfort of your own space. 🏠💻

Just like the in-studio sessions, you'll get to create a piece of jewellery under my watchful eye, all while sipping your favourite cuppa! ☕️🎨

We'll carve, we'll laugh, and we'll create something cool together. So, pull up a chair, grab your tools, and let's get carving!

All you need is a reliable internet connection and a passion for all things shiny! ✨🌟 Ready to turn your living room into a jewellery workshop? Let's do it!

  • Image of Amy G from Fearless and Free 925, expressing satisfaction in her testimonial for Dahna's Jewellery workshop.

    Best teacher there is! Not to mention the detailed PDF’s that arrive after the course

    The best decision I made was reaching out to Madame Mak Jewellery. This talented boss babe is a wealth of knowledge and support. Her courses are second to none! What started out as a beginner’s class turned into completing all available courses. Dahna is truly one of a kind and has absolutely become a most valued friend and confidante. Not only has Dahna been there for me professionally and helped build my little jewellery business – she has always been there for me as a friend

    -Amy G, "Fearless and Free 925"

  • A portrait of Kerry D from Wildsmithing, alongside her positive testimonial for Dahna's Jewellery Workshop

    I love to continue learning and have taken quite a few courses over the years

    I can’t thank you enough for the class yesterday and suffice to say I have been at the bench practicing ever since. I went and got a little soldering iron as soon as we finished up yesterday – wow what a game-changer for me! Totally blown away by the manual content – so comprehensive and full of all the info you could ever wish for. So happy to have found and met you. I can see a beautiful smithing/waxing/all things jewellery friendship on the horizon. Thanks so much, darling!

    -Kerryn D, "Wildsmithing"

  • Dahna's wax ring making jewellery course was the best thing I’ve ever done!

    I took on the Introductory Lost Wax Ring Carving Workshop. Dahna took me step-by-step thoroughly through absolutely everything that involved getting the ring to its final stage. From the different kinds of wax, how to saw and carve to all the types of equipment necessary to use on wax. Everything was clear and easy to understand, and Dahna is wonderful. She’s so down to earth, hilarious, and makes the best food!!!! And so clever. She’s got tips and tricks you’ll use for a lifetime.

    -Claire M