Refund policy



1. Madame Mak does not accept returns for:

(i) change of mind

(ii) wrong sizing selected by the customer at checkout for made-to-order items such as rings

(iii) items that have been gifted, that the receiver doesn't like

(iv) failure of the customer to read product descriptions carefully- particularly pertaining to any goods that are being sold with a disclaimer for minor aesthetic imperfections.

2. A request for a return is assessed on an individual case-by-case basis at the discretion of Madame Mak. The following rules apply:

(i) A request for a return must be made as soon as possible after the receipt of your item (within 7 days or less). An item is declared as "received" on the day it has been declared to be "delivered" by the postal service.

(ii) the customer must not proceed with returning any goods until Madame Mak has authorized and informed you of the returns process pertaining specifically to your items and the nature of your goods

(iii) the customer must follow the direction and instructions of Madame Mak regarding packaging and posting

(iv) Madame Mak will not be held liable for missing parcels if the customer has failed to follow any reasonable requests and instructions that Madame Mak has issued for the return of your particular package. Instances as such forfeit entitlement to a refund.

​3. In the event Madame Mak authorizes you to make a return, the following rules apply

(i) The item/s must be shipped via the fastest and safest route back to Melbourne (Australia)

(ii) the item must be in the original packaging, and in unworn condition

(iii) the item must be sent with tracking and a confirmation of the parcel lodgement and tracking number must be sent to Madame Mak immediately upon lodgement.

(iv) the package must be insured when Madame Mak deems insurance to be necessary. This largely depends on the item being returned, and mostly applies to gold items or packages of high combined value. This will be decided at the discretion of Madame Mak.

(v) Madame Mak requires a copy of verification of parcel lodgement with any relevant accompanying paperwork and tracking numbers, and requires you to submit a photograph of the parcel prior to lodgement.

(vi) Any expenses incurred by the return to Madame Mak Jewellery are paid for by the customer and are not reimbursed to the customer. Expenses accrued for a return which will not be reimbursed will include the cost of the postage, plus any extra insurance added on. It may also include any relevant import charges/fees/duty/taxes involved with processing the return and any associated expenses that Madame Mak will incur with clearing the item here at the Australian border.

(vii) any accrued expenses associated with customs import handling of the returned item are deducted from the total refundable amount of the original purchase price of the item. Madame Mak will be responsible for showing you the relevant customs invoice for these charges, prior to adjusting the refund balance.

(viii) the purchase price of the item is refunded on receipt of goods in original condition, less the aforementioned costs associated with the customer returning the goods.

(viiii) Any refunds processed will not include a refund of the original shipping cost that was paid by you to have the item shipped to you.



Any refunds provided will be at the sole discretion of Madame Mak, and are assessed on an individual case-by-case basis. The following rules apply:

(i) Customers will not be refunded for any postage or insurance costs involved with returning the package to Madame Mak

(ii) customers will be refunded for their original item purchase price (excluding the original shipping cost) minus any customs/import duties and charges that are accrued on the item that is being returned to Madame Mak in Melbourne.

(iii) in the event Madame Mak grants a refund, any funds minus the aforementioned expenses will be refunded to you via your original payment method.

(iv) Madame Mak is strictly unable to refund you until the original package has been returned in its original unworn condition with all of the original packaging intact.

(v) Madame Mak holds the right to refuse a refund if the items are not returned in their original condition.

(vi) Madame Mak will not be held liable or responsible for any missing packages en route back to HQ.