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Introductory Lost Wax Ring Carving Workshop - Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs, 3105 VIC)

Introductory Lost Wax Ring Carving Workshop - Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs, 3105 VIC)

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Welcome to my introductory Lost Wax Ring Carving workshop! Nestled in the leafy Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we'll dive deep into the enchanting world of jewellery making within the creative confines of my colourful studio.

Whether you're a complete beginner or simply wanting to refine your craft, you'll get hands-on experience carving and crafting a wax ring (for lost wax casting). You will be guided every step of the way with your artistic expression.

This class is suitable for complete beginners! Must be aged 15+ to enrol (classes for minors are strictly 1:1 with an accompanying parent/guardian present).

You will have the option to choose from a stacking ring, dome ring, signet ring or simple type ring. This class is not for intermediate or advanced carving, so please reach out if you are unsure if your design is permitted. 

In this class you will have the opportunity to create one solid silver ring (refer to rings in the photos as good examples for beginners), or multiple less-involved rings eg. simple stacking rings. You will carve your design in jewellers wax, before it is sent offsite to be cast in silver!

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Much Love, 



Open to complete beginners - the only requirement is your enthusiasm! The classes are available to individuals aged 15 and up. For those under 18, a parent or guardian must be present during the course duration and the class should be arranged privately as a 1:1. If you have prior experience in wax carving, feel free to email me at to discuss learning intermediate techniques.

Course Details

The course is divided into two separate classes, each starting at 10 am. In the first class, we'll carve your wax model which will be transformed into a silver ring via the lost wax investment casting process (offsite). In the second class (two weeks later), you'll polish your casting to a shiny finished ring. The classes will still run as scheduled, even if there's only one student - so you're guaranteed a highly personalised guidance throughout. Maximum of 3 students per class!

Schedule & Structure

Class 1: Wax Carving: 10am - 3pm (5 hours). Includes light snacks, coffee/tea and refreshments. BYO lunch.
Class 2: Cleaning and Polishing: 10 am - 1pm (3 hours). Includes snacks, coffee/tea and refreshments.
Please bring your own ideas, sketches, or inspirational photos to discuss at our first class.
Please let Dahna know if you have any allergies.

Tools List

You will be working on fully equipped jeweller's benches using professional processes and tools. All necessary equipment, safety glasses, consumables, and carving waxes are provided onsite for use in the studio.Please bring an apron if you choose to remain dust-free, and reading glasses!

Fees & Payment

The total course fee is $565 which is due in full at the time of booking.

Please refer to the Workshop FAQ's/policies for cancellation/refund/rescheduling details.

Note that this course fee doesn't include the metal or casting costs. An estimate of these costs will be given at the end of the first class (see note below on estimated fees). The amount for materials is payable via direct bank transfer before the second class.

The total estimated cost of a ring ranges between $25 (for regular designs) and $75+ for super chunky designs.

Studio Policies & Safety

Safety is top priority. Students must adhere to all safety procedures: closed-toe shoes, long hair tied up, no loose clothing or scarves. Clean safety glasses and new disposable masks will be provided for you to wear. Please read through the studio policies carefully prior to attending your classes - these policies are sent to you immediately after the class has been purchased. If you're unwell, please reschedule your class to another weekday. Full terms and conditions for workshops and policies can be found on our website. Studio policies are sent via email after a class has been purchased. Please review these policies prior to attending class.

After Course Completion

After course completion, you will receive informational packs (in PDF format) detailing the lost wax process/theory, a list of tools used, and access to one-time supplier discounts with participating local suppliers. You'll also get details on setting up an account with the casting company. This information is sent via email to your provided email address.

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