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Complete Beginners: Carve a Stacking Ring in Jewellers Wax (Live Zoom)

Complete Beginners: Carve a Stacking Ring in Jewellers Wax (Live Zoom)

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Are you ready to embark on a delightful journey of crafting your own ring? This course is perfect for complete beginners looking to carve a basic versatile stacking ring in jewellers wax, in a smooth stacking style or knife-edge profile.

In this relaxed and interactive live Zoom class, I will guide you step-by-step through the carving process. By the end, you may even have a stacking ring ready in a cast-able condition! No previous experience is necessary! 

Important: Classes are strictly hosted in English!

Can't wait to have you!


Great news for newcomers - no prior wax carving experience is necessary to join this class! Students should purchase their own classes. The classes are hosted strictly in English.

Course Details

We will focus on carving a basic stacking ring with either a smooth curved profile or a knife-edge. You'll learn about various tools and their roles in creating your ring. While we won't cover sprueing, casting or finishing - this class provides a solid foundation to wax carving at the introductory level.

Schedule & Structure

Our time together will approximately last for two hours, but this may vary depending on the class flow. Ensure you don't have any commitments immediately following our class as it could potentially overrun.

Tools List

1. Solid surface to work on
2. Jeweller's bench peg and clamp
3. Battery operated wax pen/soldering unit/heated carving unit with tips
4. Dividers
5. Digital callipers (vernier gauge)
6. Saw frame
7. Wax saw blades
8. Wax ring sizing reamer
9. Regular ring sizing mandrel
10. Stainless-steel wax carvers
11. Large double-ended/double-sided wax file
12. Wax needle files
13. Wax ring tube (T1062 Ferris brand- blue or green)
14. Sanding paper (600, 800, 1200 grit)

Fees & Payment

The class fee does not include the cost of tools. Refunds can not be issued if the cost of tools and equipment are underestimated.

Studio Policies & Safety

I value mutual respect and a conducive learning environment. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in immediate removal from the class. The Zoom class link/password is for your use only and must not be shared with others. Please review our full terms and conditions for workshops on our website.

After Course Completion

My hope is that this class will kindle your interest in jewellery making. You will walk away with your very own hand carved ring and a new set of skills. I am excited to see where your jewellery journey takes you!

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