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1:1 Wax Carving Tuition at MMJ HQ! Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs, 3105 VIC)

1:1 Wax Carving Tuition at MMJ HQ! Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs, 3105 VIC)

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Duration of Tuition

Spend time in my studio working on carving your own design (1:1 tutoring) in my workshop. My workshop is located in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne (VIC 3105). All-day free on-street parking is available! Note: bespoke 1:1 tuition for tailored classes is not currently being offered via Zoom for interstate and international students. 

This class is intended for those who already have some wax carving experience, but require some guidance with conceptualising and bringing a particular design to life. The minimum booking duration is 2 hours. 

Please contact me to discuss your requirements and design brief prior to booking your session. This will allow me to determine if your project is within my current scope of skills and capabilities to teach - and that I have the necessary tools for you on site! This information is also be helpful for determining the length of class you may require if you're hoping to bring your design to completion during the tuition (although it's not a requirement)! 

Please contact me at the following email address with your tuition enquiry:

Please expand the information boxes below for important details. T's & C's can be found on the footer of the website homepage!

This class link is also used for purchasing class overtime - purchase of 1 hour minimum. Please do not purchase a 1 hour block of tuition if you haven't received a request from Madame Mak to do so.

Much love,

Dahna x


This tuition program is for those who have a little bit of previous wax carving experience, and are seeking guidance with conceptualising and bringing an idea to life in wax. If you are a complete beginner and have never carved wax, please refer to my two-part Lost Wax Introductory Course instead.

Please contact Dahna via email at to discuss your design brief and intentions, prior to making a booking for your tuition. This will allow Dahna to determine if her current skills and capabilities are suitable to competently teach you, and to check if she has the right tools available onsite to enable you to get your carving done!

Dahna will advise via return email if the tuition for your design is achievable. She can also advise you on an estimated tuition duration depending on whether you would like a little bit of help with your carving, or if you are intending to achieve wax design completion during the tuition session/s.

Please bring your own BYO lunch.
Dahna will provide refreshments/tea/coffee and biscuits.

Course Details

You tell me!

Reach out via email at to discuss your tuition requirements, and Dahna will let you know if she can help you bring your wax carved design to life!

Please don't be offended if Dahna is not "the one" to teach you. She would never attempt to teach you about something she can't competently perform herself.

Schedule & Structure

This tuition entails wax working and wax carving only!

Wax carving tuition is hosted on weekdays (Monday - Friday). Studio time may occasionally be available on weekends, provided there aren't any other classes running. Please reach out to me to discuss a suitable date and time to avoid disappointment.

The required session duration can be selected from the menu - 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 hour sessions are available. If you are unsure of the duration you should book, please reach out to Dahna and she can provide a duration estimate.

One session must not exceed 6 hours on any given day, however any sessions exceeding 6 hours can be split accordingly across separate days.

Please reach out via email at with your anticipated design, and Dahna will be able to advise you of the estimated tuition duration (you are not required to complete your ring during the tuition session/s, unless you wish to extend your stay).

Tools List

All tools are provided by Madame Mak, and are for use within the studio only.

You will be working on a fully equipped wax carving jewellers bench for the duration of your tuition, however you are invited to bring along any of your own favourite tools (please ensure they have ID).

Please bring your own carving waxes/wax consumables (eg. tube, wax sheet, wax wire etc) - as well as your own gemstones if applicable.

Fees & Payment

Payment for tuition bookings are due upfront at the checkout, in advance of the first tuition session. Payment may be made at the checkout via PayPal or any of the major accepted cards.

Students running overtime or wishing to extend their stay on the same day will be required to make an on-the-spot payment to roll over into the next 2 hour block. This will be done via the website listing.

Please refer to the T's & C's on the website homepage footer.

Studio Policies & Safety

Studio and safety policies, as well as the studio contact details will be sent to you via email in the form of an instantly downloadable PDF, after the tuition has been purchased through the website. Please check your email inbox, and any other folders (including the junk box) after placing your order.

Please advise Dahna at your earliest convenience if you have any dietary requirements or allergies. Tea/coffee and biscuits are provided.

After Course Completion

I am always around to answer any questions you may have after your tuition, or to assess your final wax model (if you didn't complete it in the studio during your tuition).

Reach out any time!

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