The time has come to spread the love! Teaching ENERGISES me, and simultaneously EMPOWERS you. I'm searching for that synergistic relationship in my mid 30's - could this be YOU?

I'm calling all disruptive rebels, misfits, hyperactives and ........ well..... any placid level-headed individuals, who think they'd actually vibe with me and think this idea could be FUN!

I have impulsively decided to open my private studio to YOU, to help you chase your jewellery making dreams - or just for a low commitment casual wax carving fling! Rest assured, I am SUPER organised and have spent the last few days foraging in the wild to find an excuse to buy MORE jewellery tools.

Join me in my quiet-but-vibrant suburban studio in Melbourne (Eastern suburbs, 3105). Immerse yourself at your fully equipped professional jewellers bench and translate your idea into a wearable piece of art with me by your side.

I'll feed you, offer you treats, get you high (or anxious) on coffee or tea..... and CHAT with you. We all know I love a good chat!

The studio will be opening in May for introductory lost wax (silver ring) classes, where you'll have the opportunity to carve your own design to end up with a solid silver ring (or two, if time permits). We reconvene in the studio two weeks later in the second session to get your raw casting BURSTING to life with a professional finishing and polishing regime.

The studio houses a maximum of two students per class, which offers you highly personalised attention from me. The best part is that if there's a vacancy, you get me ALL to yourself 1:1 - instead of your class being cancelled and rescheduled. Smells like double the biscuits for you!

Classes are intended to be fun and chilled but we must stick to our general timeframe for each class, so we WILL absolutely need to focus too! (I've been kicked out of every class in my lifetime, trust me).

I'll take you through the basics of wax carving, as well as the basic theory of the lost wax casting process. This class is for the wax carving and metal finishing/polishing only - it does not include any casting or demonstration of casting techniques - my casting magicians will transform your wax to metal for you using the lost wax investment casting method. Heaven forbid I even attempt it - I'd burn the street down for SURE!

This class, although for beginners is highly suitable for those ambitious forward-looking "ready-to-fucking-quit-my-day-job-without-a-plan" impulsive dreamers - the ones just like me. The ones who set up their professional bench without a single day of experience (also me). The ones who never listen to a sound voice, and reject 99% of advice. I've spent years getting my protocols into place and I'll gladly walk you through the industry techniques you'll require to get up to scratch to prepare your jewellery for launch! Have no fear when Madame Mak is here!

I'll be releasing Saturday classes VERY soon for May - July intake.

At the end of the last class, you will be equipped with a whole lot of information in the form of PDF documents - where to go, what to buy, where to send waxes, how to access supplier discounts and more!

There are a bunch of rules, T's & C's and all of that fun stuff but you'll be able to head to the website listing under "Shop --> Jewellery Making Classes" for the full details once they're released.

I'll be announcing the release on Instagram (where else would I be, seriously?).

Reach out any time if you have any questions. I'd love to chat with you and have you in my studio which I call heart and home.

You are capable of great things.

Much Love,


P.S. I just remembered the studio might get a bit chilly in winter but we will sort out some cozy goods for you - on the TO-DO list!

P.P.S. The bench polisher in the photo - I'm too much of a chicken shit to fire it up, so we hand polish everything over here and I LOOOOVE it!

Much Love,

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