Did you know Madame Mak (Dahna) offers a range of online #waxcarving classes?

She is now a #zoomjeweler #zoomjeweller #melbournejeweller #benchjeweller currently delivering LIVE one-on-one private jewellery making classes to students both locally (in Australia) and internationally.

Dahna has created two #jewellerymakingclasses in the first instance as follows:

Class 1: An introduction to basic #waxcarving, including a demonstration of what each tool does and how to use them to carve a basic stacking style band


Class 2: Setting stones in wax for casting suitable gemstones in place #castnotset #castinplace #castinginplace

In addition to this, Dahna offers TAILORED TUITION to her students. Whether it's a roadblock being experienced, a technical difficulty or a #jewellerytechnique that falls out of the above structured class agendas- Madame Mak may be able to assist you. In this instance, please contact Dahna to discuss your difficulties and/or learning requirements. She will let you know if she is able to teach you on your specific topic, and if so can structure a class agenda just for you!

How does it work, and how do I book a class?

Previous experience with wax carving is not a requirement for booking a class! It is open for complete beginners and those who already have a jewellery bench and tools set up, as well as jewellers who are ready to take the next step!

Classes are open to local and international students 7 days a week, and are flexible to accommodate for differing time zones (Madame Mak is based in Melbourne, Australia AEDT).

Please send Dahna an email at or a direct message on instagram to enquire and initiate the process.

After confirming which class is best for you, Madame Mak will send you information on the tools and materials required for class, which can be sourced by you in advance of the class. Dahna currently sources tools from local Australian suppliers and would be happy to answer your questions and help you find what you need to get the most value out of your learning experience.

Students are asked to participate in a way that they learn best, and in a way that makes them feel comfortable on the day. Everybody absorbs new information differently, so Dahna isn't offended if you prefer to watch the full demonstration only (and take notes and ask lots of questions). She would be absolutely delighted if you prefer to also carve in tandem with her during the class- please keep in mind this can take a little longer and sometimes the classes run slightly overtime! Nonetheless, Madame Mak demonstrates the entire process step-by-step from start to finish to enable and empower you to do this on your own!

Classes 1 and 2 are charged at a fixed rate, and run for a duration of approximately 2 - 2.5 hours. Any tailored classes are priced differently (and individually) depending on the degree of difficulty, sorcery and preparation that must occur at MMJ HQ beforehand (a LOT of work goes in behind the scenes before a tailored class can be delivered!).

After a time is mutually agreed upon for a class, your booking is secured by prepayment via a PayPal invoice, which is sent to your provided email address. Your private zoom link (and entry password) is sent to you shortly thereafter. The payment and zoom access details are arranged several days in advance of the class.

In the event you are unable to attend on the day (life and emergencies happen), the class can be rescheduled at the earliest convenience. Payment/s for a class can not be refunded after the class has been taken and after learning materials have been distributed.

Madame Mak runs classes from her bench using her mobile and moves around quite a bit, however students may find it easier to use a laptop. You'll be seeing her hands more than her face, but she introduces herself first and occasionally flicks the camera around throughout the class to say hello! Madame Mak kindly asks that your video is also enabled for the duration of the class.

Madame Mak LOVES teaching and seeing your resulting wax work and your castings, and would be so happy to receive progress photos and updates from you after class. She promises her classes won't disappoint, and will be here to help you with any further questions you may have about your work and the process you've learnt about after your class.

Email me to book your fun, interactive, chatty and chilled out class with me today!!!!

Much Love,

Dahna xx


My beautiful preloved jewellery bench where I run all of my online classes from!

Pretty rainbow gemstones for casting in place!


The "Happiness Bands", created by MMJ using the cast in place technique for lost wax (investment) casting.

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