Online zoom jewellery and wax carving classes coming soon!

Online zoom jewellery and wax carving classes coming soon!

Hello my lovelies!

I'm excited to announce that I am almost ready to start delivering some online learning material and one-on-one zoom wax carving classes.

I'll be offering introductory online zoom classes- taking you through the basics of a carve (starting with a basic band), as well as stone setting in wax for casting stones in place/directly in metal for those who are ready to advance.

If there is a particular wax skill you would like to learn, please reach out to me through the website contact box, and I'll let you know if I can cover this specific topic with you.

My online classes will be structured for the student to watch me performing the carve, so having an elaborate setup on your end is not entirely necessary unless you wish to carve alongside me. Students will have the opportunity to ask lots of related questions and take notes while they watch. Alternatively, I am also able to watch you carve and guide you through verbally (and in demonstration if needed)- even if you're a complete beginner! Just let me know before booking your class which method of learning is best for you.

My studio is almost complete with a few finishing touches required. I'll be accepting one-on-one bookings for students in the next few months for in-person classes. Basic information packs and tools/suppliers lists will be provided to students prior to class. Students will be asked to have a few basic designs sketched out prior to attending the class. Jewellery will be outsourced for casting after class 1. Class 2 is clean up and polishing where you'll bring your piece to life!

Class dates and fee structures are coming soon!


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