My first e-book is under construction

My first e-book is under construction

Hello my lovelies!

I am excited to announce that I have my first e-book in the making!

This book is a technical step-by-step guide on wax carving basics, compiled by me from all of my experiences so far. It is a very comprehensive compilation of images, descriptions and explanations, as well as tips, occasional tricks and extensive background information on the process of wax carving/lost wax casting.

This item will be listed in the next few weeks right here in my shop. You'll be able to purchase the digital file from my store (it'll be in PDF format) and immerse yourself in all of the information.

This manual contains all of the information you'll ever need to get started with wax carving, but rest assured- I'll be offering one-on-one tuition via zoom for an introduction to wax carving where I can show you how to carve a basic band as you watch, or I can guide and watch you as you carve!!!

I can't wait for this release!!!!

There are a few more books in the making. As such, I'll be away from the bench for most of the next week for an intense writing session!

Stay tuned



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