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Setting Gems Directly in Wax for Casting in Place (Live Zoom)

Setting Gems Directly in Wax for Casting in Place (Live Zoom)

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Looking to take your wax carving skills to the next level? Join me in this special workshop on setting gems directly in wax (for lost wax investment casting). 

In this intermediate 1:1 live Zoom class, I will guide you through carving a stacking ring, followed by setting 3 x 3 mm stones into the ring for "casting in place". This tutorial assumes the student has a wax carving setup, with knowledge on how to use the tools to carve a basic stacking ring. 

Please note this workshop/theory is for setting gems directly in wax for lost wax investment casting. It does not teach fundamentals for sand casting. It also does not cover casting, sprueing or finishing techniques. 

Important: Classes are strictly hosted in English!

Can't wait to have you!


This class assumes that you already have a wax carving setup and know how to use the tools to carve a stacking ring. Students are required to purchase their own class. All classes are strictly hosted in English.

Course Details

Together, we will first carve a stacking-style ring in jewellers wax. In the second half of the class, we set the stones directly in wax (for casting in place). Although we won't cover sprueing, casting or finishing in this class, you'll leave with a stackable ring in a cast-able condition (if you choose to carve in class), as well as a solid understanding of the fundamentals of setting gems in wax.

Schedule & Structure

The class will run for approximately 2.5 hours, with potential for overtime. It's best not to have commitments immediately after our class to accommodate any possible overruns.

Tools List

1. Solid surface to work on
2. Bench peg & clamp
3. Wax pen/soldering unit/heated carving unit (300+ degrees celsius, ideally)
4. Scribe
5. Dividers
6. Callipers (vernier gauge)
7. Saw frame & wax blades
8. Wax ring sizing reamer
9. Regular ring sizing mandrel
10. Wax carvers
11. Double ended/double sided wax file
12. Wax ring tube: (T1062, Ferris brand)
13. Sanding paper (600, 800, 1200 grit)
14. 3 x ROUND 3 mm diameter faceted stones (synthetic sapphire/ruby or nanocrystals)
15. Drill bit: 1 & 2 mm diameter
16. Round ball bur: 3 mm
17. Busch #413 stone setting burs 2.5 & 3 mm
18. Methylated spirits
19. Cotton q-tips
20. Pointy carver (triangle or spear shape head)
21. Soapy water, toothbrush, towel
22. OPTIONAL: micromotor/flexshaft. Setting can be done by hand instead.
23. Safety glasses (only for micromotor/flexshaft use)

Fees & Payment

The class fee does not cover the costs of tools and materials. Ensure you are aware of these associated costs before purchasing this class.

Studio Policies & Safety

Please respect our studio policies. Sharing of Zoom class link/password is strictly prohibited, and inappropriate behaviour will result in immediate removal from the class. Make sure to review our full terms and conditions for workshops on our website.

After Course Completion

This workshop aims to enhance your jewellery crafting skills by introducing the art of setting gems directly into wax. I look forward to seeing you confidently incorporate this skill into your creations after the class!
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