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Designed and Crafted by Dahna Mak in Melbourne, Australia


Madame Mak was established in 2020 by Dahna Mak of Melbourne, Australia.

Dahna has always had a deep love and understanding of jewellery, having started as a collector of preloved and antique jewellery in the year of 2003.

For as long as Dahna can remember, she was always obsessed with jewellery and spent hours as a little child endlessly perusing sparkles in jewellery store windows.

In 2018, Dahna declared that she was going to become a jeweller- and she wasn't joking. After undertaking a few casual silversmithing and wax carving classes with one of her favourite jewellers (Jeanette Dyke), it had become her mission to continue to evolve and teach herself how to make jewellery. 

In the year of 2020, Dahna intensified her skills as a wax carver as the global pandemic granted her extra time to delve deeper into the craft. In December 2020, Dahna took a huge leap of faith and quit her long term scientific role to pursue her passion full time. 

Madame Mak promises to deliver a range of eclectic and unique jewels to adorn all of the lovers. Some of the jewels are one-off creations (ready to ship), and some are made to order in your size.

Madame Mak is not currently considering any bespoke/custom work.

Madame Mak is eternally grateful for the support, encouragement and words of wisdom she has received in abundance on her journey to becoming a jeweller. 

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