An Introductory Technical Guide to Basic Wax Carving

An Introductory Technical Guide to Basic Wax Carving


This 30 page comprehensive colour manual is a guide to the fundamentals of lost wax carving (and the basics of casting). It contains all of the information you will ever need to confidently get started with wax carving for jewellery making based on my experiences at the bench. 


Please refer to the Table of Contents in the images for a list of information contained within this manual. 


Featured in this manual is an itemised list (with photos) of the items required for a basic wax carving setup. This manual removes all of the guess work out of starting up and includes a step-by-step guide on how to carve a plain basic stacking band out of jewellers wax (with photos and detailed descriptions of the process).


This manual contains a brief outline of the casting process, as it is an important part of the entire process. The manual is weighted towards wax carving and has been compiled by me through my own experiences wax carving at my bench.


Reading this manual will enable you to make a list and source everything you'll ever need to get started with carving right away!


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