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March Lost Wax Week at MMJ HQ! Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs, 3105 VIC)

March Lost Wax Week at MMJ HQ! Melbourne (Eastern Suburbs, 3105 VIC)

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Spend one work week (five consecutive days) in my jewellery making studio with me, and I'll teach you everything about wax carving and wax working techniques!

Limited availability - two student intakes only, for each week below:

Wax workshop #1: Monday 4th March 2024 - Friday 8th March 2024 and;

Wax workshop #2: Monday 11th March 2024 - Friday 15th March 2024.

Complete beginners welcome! Bookings close on Friday 1st March for workshop #1, and Friday 8th March for workshop #2 (at 5pm).

This course will strictly run on the designated dates, at 10am sharp start time.

Workshop held in Eastern suburbs (3105, VIC). Quiet residential zone with all-day free parking available! 

In this 5-day "work week", you'll be taught a diverse set of wax carving/building techniques to fast track your road to success, and to prepare you for your future plans as a jewellery hobbyist or entrepreneur.

Madame Mak will be present in the studio to work through some specific coursework and techniques with you. You will have her undivided attention for the full week, however she may have to occasionally respond to an email/message or accept a short call (biz life haha there's simply no escaping ....)!

This course is for wax working only, and does not include any sessions on metal finishing/polishing, stone setting in metal, mould making or casting. Students may arrange a private finishing session in the future if they wish to learn metal and polishing techniques.

Please expand the information boxes below for specific details. T's & C's for the workshops can be found on the footer of the website homepage!

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Students can choose to independently cast one item from their week-long class, and return in the future for a "metal finishing/polishing BYO ring" masterclass. This can be purchased simultaneously or at a later date if required! 

Much love,

Dahna x


No prerequisites!
This wax course is beginner friendly!
Must be aged 18+ to enrol.
We'll start with the easier techniques on day one (carving a stacking ring) to get a grasp on the tools. We will spend the consecutive days building up to intermediate wax working skills!

What to bring: Please bring your own BYO lunch. Madame Mak will provide snacks, fruit, refreshments, tea and coffee daily.

What to wear: Please wear closed toe shoes, and bring a hair tie, glasses (if needed) and an apron if you wish to remain clean!

Course Details

Day 1: Introductory Wax Carving (carve a stacking ring) ~ 5 hours (PDF information included). This course introduces you to the basic tools and techniques required to carve a simple stacking ring. The techniques and tool handling you'll learn in this class will set the foundation for the rest of the week.

Day 2: Wax Carved Pendants and Charms (including soft wax jump rings) ~ 4.5 hours

Day 3: Carve a signet ring ~ 5 hours (PDF information included). In this class, I'll show you how to create a perfectly symmetrical signet ring, including the method for marking and measuring grids and guidelines on your wax model. This method can be applied to all of your carving processes in the future, and greatly helps with conceptualisation of sculptural and symmetrical designs.

Day 4: Cast-not-set (gemstone setting directly in wax, for casting in place) ~ 5.5 - 6 hours (PDF information included). You will have access to various parcels of synthetic sapphires and rubies to create a gemstone-studded ring. You are permitted to bring your own stones to this class (they must be round shape faceted stones, and either synthetic or natural sapphires and rubies). Madame Mak will assess the suitability of your stones prior to allowing their use in your design.

Day 5: Organic wax build up techniques ~ 5 hours (PDF information included). This is a little different (a lot different!) to hard wax carving. This class introduces you to the fundamentals of temperature control and working molten wax on a mandrel to build intricate designs. You will have the option of creating one big statement claw ring featuring a flat back cabochon gemstone, or you can choose to make multiple stone-less rings if you prefer.

Total course duration: approximately 25 hours.

Please BYO lunch. Amenities are available onsite for your convenience. Madame Mak will provide snacks, fruit, tea/coffee and refreshments throughout the week.

Limited offer - two student intakes per week only!

Schedule & Structure

This wax working course will strictly run on the following designated weeks, for five consecutive week days:

Workshop #1: Monday 4th March 2024 - Friday 8th March 2024

Workshop #2: Monday 11th March 2024 - Friday 15th March 2024.

Classes start at 10am sharp!

The duration of each session can be found in the "course details" section!

Total course duration: approximately 25 hours

Maximum number of students per week: 2

Tools List

All tools are provided by Madame Mak, and are for use within the studio only. The tool lists required to set up a wax carving station will be provided after the final class to assist you with sourcing the necessary items. This class package does not include any take-home tools or kits, and tools will not be available for purchase however you will be working on fully equipped jewellers benches for the duration of the course.

Fees & Payment

The full class package investment ($1995.00) is due upfront at the checkout. Classes are strictly non-refundable. Please refer to the T's & C's for workshops on the website homepage footer. Payment may be made at the checkout via PayPal or any of the major accepted cards.

Studio Policies & Safety

Studio and safety policies, as well as my contact details will be sent to you via email in the form of a downloadable PDF, immediately after the class has been purchased. Please check your email inbox, and any other folders (including the junk box) after placing your order.

After Course Completion

You will be provided with instruction manuals (PDF's) and tool lists relevant to the topics we covered in the week of class!

You will receive a letter of workshop enrolment, and instructions regarding how to access student discounts with the participating jewellery supply stores within Australia. These student discount offers are one-time-only, so it's always best to bulk buy to reap the maximum benefit!

You will also receive the contact details for a local casting/manufacturing company in Melbourne, to arrange your own casting at your discretion.

If you choose to have any of your items cast and require a metal finishing/polishing session, this can be quoted and arranged separately. Just reach out when you're ready!

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