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Carve/build an Organic Claw Cabochon Ring in Jewellers Wax (Live Zoom)

Carve/build an Organic Claw Cabochon Ring in Jewellers Wax (Live Zoom)

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Get ready to dive into the wonderful world of jewellery wax carving with this exciting class on how to carve and build an organic claw cabochon statement ring in jewellers wax.

This intermediate live Zoom class offers a step-by-step demonstration on how to carve a flat-top signet-style ring and build organic-style claws to house a flat back cabochon stone on top. This one is a step above the signet ring class, and definitely creates a statement piece! Previous wax carving experience and handling is essential for this class, and a lot of patience helps!

Important: Classes are strictly hosted in English!

Can't wait to have you!


Previous experience with wax carving and handling is essential to participate in this class. A little patience also goes a long way! Students must purchase their own class, except for gifting. Please note that classes are exclusively conducted in English.

Course Details

In this class, we will go through the entire process of carving and building a ring. By the end, you may have one finished ring in cast-able condition! You will have the liberty to choose whether you'd like to build a setting for a round or oval flat back cabochon stone.

Schedule & Structure

This class will last for approximately 3 hours, but the time may vary depending on the pace of the class. Please avoid scheduling any commitments immediately after the class to allow for any possible overruns. I cater to various time zones, with the last class of the day commencing no later than 7pm AEST.

Tools List

1. Solid surface to work on
2. Bench peg and clamp
3. Soldering unit/heated carving unit with tips
4. German Dividers
5. Digital calipers/vernier gauge
6. Saw frame
7. Wax saw blades (spiral blades)
8. Wax ring sizing mandrel/reamer
9. Regular ring sizing mandrel
10. Stainless-steel wax carver/s
11. Scribe
12. Flat blunt paddle-shaped carver
13. Sponge or paper towel
14. Large double-ended/double-sided wax file
15. Blue wax ring tube (flat top/signet style)
16. Blue wax block or slice
17. Sticky wax (brown/red)
18. One flat back oval or round cabochon gemstone
19. Sanding paper (600 or 800 grit)
20. Sanding paper (1200 grit) – optional
21. Drill bit (2 mm approximately) - if you'd like the back of your cabochon to be open.
22. Micromotor/Dremel/flexshaft with a wax carving bur (optional)
23. Safety glasses (only for micromotor use)

Fees & Payment

Please be aware that the class fee does not include the cost of tools. Refunds can not be issued if the costs of tools and equipment are underestimated.

Studio Policies & Safety

Respectful and appropriate behaviour is expected at all times. Any inappropriate behaviour will result in immediate removal from the class. Also, remember that your Zoom class link/password is for your use only and must not be distributed. For full terms and conditions, please visit the workshop policies on our website.

After Course Completion

I hope this class will spark your passion for jewellery making and that you'll leave with not only a beautiful ring but also a wealth of new skills and knowledge.

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