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Carve a Cabochon Bezel Cup (Setting Only) in Jewellers Wax (Live Zoom)

Carve a Cabochon Bezel Cup (Setting Only) in Jewellers Wax (Live Zoom)

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Welcome to my online workshop on carving a Cabochon Bezel Cup Setting in Jeweller's Wax, hosted live via Zoom!

In this one-on-one class, you will learn to carve a bezel cup (bezel cup setting only, as per the photo) that perfectly fits a flat-back cabochon stone, directly in jeweller's hard carving wax. This skill is an essential foundation for creating beautiful pendants, rings, and earring components via the lost wax casting method. You will choose your cabochon shape - round or oval - during our class.

Important: Classes are strictly hosted in English!

Can't wait to have you!


A basic understanding of wax carving and power tool control would be beneficial for this class. This is an intermediate class. Please note that the classes are conducted strictly in English. Students must purchase their own class, unless they are gifting to somebody else. Prior to attending the class, you will need to source all the tools listed in the Tools List - if you wish to carve in tandem. If you prefer to watch the demonstration only, please purchase and make your booking ASAP!

Course Details

The primary focus of this class is to guide you step-by-step in carving a bezel cup setting to fit a flat-back cabochon stone. This class doesn't include carving a full piece of jewellery - it is for the bezel cup only. It entails wax work only, and does not include any metal finishing or stone setting. Carve in tandem with me, or watch only - the choice is yours!

Schedule & Structure

The class duration is approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. To accommodate for potential mishaps, avoid scheduling any commitments directly after class. I am available most days and cater to various time zones. The last class of the day must commence on or before 7pm AEST on any given day.

Tools List

1. Solid surface to work on
2. Bench peg and clamp
3. Digital calipers/vernier gauge
4. Fine point scribe
5. Blu Tack (Bostik brand) or a small piece of brown modelling wax
6. Saw frame
7. Wax saw blades
8. Set of wax carvers (preferably sharp)
9. Large double-ended/double-sided wax file
10. Wax Carving Burs (assorted)
11. Ball bur
12. Drill bit
13. Dental floss
14. Wax blocks: Ferris File-A-Wax slices (blue wax preferably)
15. Sanding paper (600 or 800 grit)
16. Sanding paper (1200 grit)
17. Micromotor or flex shaft (essential for this class)
18. Safety glasses (for micromotor use)
19. One small flat-back cabochon gemstone (round or oval)

Fees & Payment

Please note that the class fee doesn't include the cost of tools. Make sure to estimate the costs of a wax carving setup prior to purchasing the class. Classes can't be refunded if a student underestimates the costs of the tools and equipment required.

Studio Policies & Safety

All participants are expected to behave respectfully during the class. Inappropriate behaviour will result in immediate removal from the class. The class is non-refundable after it has been attended, and non-attendance is also non-refundable. For complete terms and conditions, visit our website.

After Course Completion

After successfully completing this class, you will possess the basic skills to carve settings for other cabochon shapes and sizes. This is a stepping stone toward making your own pendants, rings, and earrings in wax for lost wax casting.

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